hellbound updates/ fixes 06.02.2009

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hellbound updates/ fixes 06.02.2009

Post by gold on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:00 am

we should check the shops once they re back Smile

Catalin wrote:
- Added Skill Transfer Pain New Enchant Route.
- Added Skill Mass Resurrection New Enchant Route.
- Added Skill Majesty New Enchant Route.
- Added Skill Drain Health New Enchant Route.
- Added Skill Critical Chance New Enchant Route.
- Added Skill Blinding Blow New Enchant Route.
- Updated Court Magician.
- Updated Multisell Luxury Shop.
- Fixed Skill Remove Death Penalty Effect.
- Fixed Talisman Buffalo - Yeti Transform.
- Added Divine Beast (Divine Summoner Summon).
- Added All Third Class Enchant Skills (Part 1).
- Added Pet Evolution CH Rune - Aden.
- Updated Armor/Weapon/Jewelery Shop.

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